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Pingjen City was originally called Anping Town. Following restoration of Taiwan and the implementation of local autonomy program in Taiwan Area, it was repositioned as Pingchen City on March 1, 1992, as a city under the jurisdiction of Taoyuan County. Pingchen City is in plain area, located at the center of 13 towns and countries of Taoyuan County. It neighbors with Tasi Town and Pateh City in the east, Yangmei Town in the west, Chungli City at the north and Lungtan Country at the south.

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Pingchen City is located at the controlling point of Taoyuan County-there are Taiwan Railway, North-South Highway, 1st and 2nd Freeways are going through the City. In addition, there are Nanping Road, Chung Feng Road, and other County road and other linking roads, such as Tai 1st provincial road, No. 112, 113 and 114 County road. All these make Pingchen City a well populated, intensively developed newly grown metropolitan.

Since the formation of administrative area, Pingchen has experienced large scale in jurisdiction and has increase many Li's and Villages, until repositioned, it has 46 li, 1420 lings. Two streams, Laujeh stream and Shinjeh Stream flow through the City. They are two of the 5 major rivers in Taoyuan County. Also there are Shihmen Dam channel, ponds, octagon lakes and Bokung lake, which provide the adjustment of water supply and irrigation with great effects.
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According to the Statistical Data of Taoyuan County, Pingchen City has population grown remarkably. Till end of 1995, the City has a population of 170,038. Originally this is mostly of Hakka concentrated area, but there are different ethnics of people of Fukienese and other provinces. The relationship between them maintains amicably.
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Pingchen City was mostly of agricultural area and with the changes in environment, the population increased and the industrial and commercial activities are very prosperous. In the last few decades, under the planning with the collaboration between Provincial Public Work Bureau and Resident and Urban Development Bureau, there are 4 major urban planning announced, which are

1.Chungli/Neili Exchanges Neighboring Area Plan
2.Chungli-Pingchen Expanded Urban Plan
3.Chungli-Lungang Area Urban Plan
4.Pingchen-Shantzeding Urban Plan.

Following the growing of population and development of industries and commerce, there are problems like garbage dumping, river pollution, and residential building accommodation ratio and traffic facilities growing worse everyday. They may constitute the bottleneck of development of Pingchen. The development of Pingchen and Chungli Cities are closely related and The 4 urban plans mentioned above are found of difficulty in execution and further coordination and restructuring are required to have integral functions.

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PING-JEN CITY GOVERNMENT  TEL:(03)457-2105(10 line)
No.5, Jhensing Rd., Pingjhen City, Taoyuan County 324, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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